The 1 Hour Book

Can You Really Create A Book In One Hour?
You Bet!

In This Easy To Follow Training
I Show How To Create A Full Length Book
Using Pre-written Content.

It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!

Have A Complete Book In 3 Easy Steps

1) Browse and purchase pre-written content. This is content that comes with private label rights (PLR).

2) Edit/change some of it. In this training I show how I change the title, subtitle, the cover, and a bit of the content. It took me a short amount of time to do this. Quite easy in fact.

3) Put the book up for sale. You can sell your book on Amazon, however I go a step further and show how I set it up on a webpage so it can be sold directly to customers.

This is the book I created in one hour using pre-written content

The 1 Hour Book

You can have your own complete full length book as soon as today!

This is over the shoulder video training that shows every step I took to create the book.


Can I sell these books on Amazon? I heard that PLR is not allowed on Amazon.
You cannot sell direct PLR on Amazon. When you purchase PLR, be sure to change it thoroughly to be a unique product. You can also run it though a checker such as Copyscape. I added an additional video to address this very question. In it I show an examples of how to change sentence structure, remove a chapter, use material from more than one source, etc. Make unique content and what do you have? - unique content. It's not PLR anymore.
Where/how else can I sell a book I create this way?
My suggestion is on your own website. I have training about that in the product.
Isn't using PLR a bit like cheating?
Not at all! In fact it's a smart business move to use PLR. It saves you alot of time and money.
Is this for making low content books?
No, this is for creating a full book.
What niches can I create a book in?
There are many niches that PLR comes in. In this training I show how I create a book on anxiety. That's just the example I did. You can find material in the niche of your choice.
Are there any upsells?
What is the refund policy?
Full refund within 14 days from the date of your purchase.
What if I have further questions?

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